Global Life Tree™ Research Institution
- planting our future well-being

What We Do

Everything is impossible until someone does it

Pushes the boundaries of human potential by focusing on problems currently believed to be unsolvable, or that have no clear path toward a solution.


– To plant mankind’s global life tree to produce ‘life fruits’ (research results)

What we do

– Research and development of life extension technologies

– Research for more solutions for solving critical problems


– To accelerate development for better human well-being

– To unite and focus global entities with similar visions

Why Hong Kong

Hong Kong is also the natural gateway for trade and investment to the vast market in Mainland China. Hong Kong’s geographical advantage as a launching pad to markets in Asia can be seen from its position as the world’s 11th largest trading economy. Hong Kong is recognized by business people worldwide to be the best service platform through which inward investors can reap the benefits of the manufacturing powerhouse of the world – the Greater Pearl River Delta. Indeed over 3, 800 overseas companies with businesses in the region including Mainland China have chosen Hong Kong as the place for their regional headquarters or offices.

PROXIMITY to the Chinese mainland

  • Located on the Southeast coast of China with easy access to all major mainland cities
  • Gateway to the Chinese mainland for global businesses
  • Springboard for mainland enterprises to reach international markets


  • Ranked among the top performers globally in “international experience” and availability of a skilled global workforce
  • Home to a large professional services cluster with extensive global networks and affiliations
  • Preferred base for multinationals, international chambers of commerce, global organisations and media companies
  • Regional hub for legal services and dispute resolution underpinned by a trusted common law system and an independent judiciary

CONNECTIVITY to Asia and beyond

  • Within a five-hour flight from half the world’s population
  • International logistics hub with world-class infrastructure and one of the world’s busiest and most efficient container ports
  • Regional transport and communications hub with an award-winning international airport and state-of-the-art information and telecommunication networks

Investment and financing

  • Hong Kong is the largest capital market in Asia with diverse financing channels including equity listing, syndicated loans, private equity funds and renminbi-denominated bonds. All of the more than 150 international and local banks in Hong Kong, of which 70 rank among the world’s top 100, are active in corporate loans, syndicated loans and project financing in the region.