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We target to solve the world’s grandest challenges by our innovative problem solving methods. We believe that inherent to every individual on the planet is a creative, entrepreneurial and inventive spirit, and as a global community – or crowd – we can activate this ingenuity and create innovation to collectively solve the Earth’s most pressing problems.

mRNA telomerase biomedical project (code name: LifeX)

Problem: Human Ageing
Method: mRNA telomerase therapy (first step pf the roadmap of solving human ageing)

According to World Health Organization, Ageing (senescence) increases vulnerability to age-associated diseases. Of the roughly 150,000 people who die each day across the globe, about two thirds—100,000 per day—die of age-related causes. In industrialized nations, the proportion is higher, reaching 90%. By enumerating the various differences between young and old tissue identified by the science of biogerontology, a ‘damage’ report was drawn, which in turn formed the basis of the SENS strategy. The results fell into seven main categories of ‘damage’, seven alterations whose reversal would constitute negligible senescence. Cell loss and atrophy, Nuclear mutation and epimutations, cell senescence, mitochondrial mutations, Intracellular junk, extracellular junk, random extracellular cross-linking. This is a life extension project focusing on the main category of damage ( cell loss and atrophy) to extend the lifespan of our cells for our high quality of old age, learn faster, less disease, reverse ageing by mRNA telomerase therapy. The advantages of this method are Telomerase is active in cancer and Germ cells, the transient expression is an advantage, RNA will be degraded after producing the protein in Cytoplasm, TERC essential part of Telomerase is RNA molecule, which is one of the most effective and low costs in the list of possible methods of life extension.

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